MTSS/Core Behavior

Pinnacle School Wide Behavior Plan


Our expectations for student conduct and academics are extremely high. We know that our children are capable of meeting these expectations with support from their teachers and parents. Our plan for behavior is detailed below. Please read over this carefully for how you can support our plan at home.

Every classroom will have three main school wide expectations.

I will…
Be kind to myself and others!
Be prepared!
Always do my very best!

On the first days of school all students will help complete a brainstorming activity that will show them what these rules mean and what they look like when they are being followed.

Each child will begin the day on green and have the opportunity to earn blue. These colors represent good behavior or a consequence for not following the classroom expectations.  Listed below are the colors your child will receive.  These colors will be signed in their daily planner.  Please go over this with your child.
Green:  I had a good day!
Yellow:  Warning, Behavior Reflection/Think Sheet (to be completed at home and returned to school)
Orange: Behavior Reflection/Think Sheet and Minor Incident Report (to be signed by parent and returned to school)
Red:  Behavior Reflection/Think Sheet, Minor Incident Report, and Disciplinary Office Referral. Parent will be notified.
Blue: Teachers may award students on blue each day for students who do something above and beyond. 1-3 students a day may earn blue, so don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t receive one daily…however if they do, CELEBRATE! That means they did something really awesome!

Students that stay on green or blue 80% of the month and complete 80% of their homework will be rewarded monthly. Monthly rewards will be announced at a later date.

Students who keep their green or blue color throughout the week will be rewarded by their teacher in some way on Fridays. Also, periodically I will come over the intercom and call all students on blue, green, or both blues and greens for celebrations.

So how can you help?

Daily your child’s teacher will communicate to you what color your child was on for that day. Please check nightly for this and other important information so that you can discuss the color and what choices were made that day with your child.

All of our classrooms will also be using many forms of positive behavior management, such as student set goals with individualized rewards, classroom fuzzy jars, table competitions, and much more. Teachers will provide you with more specific information based on grade level/age appropriateness. Our goal is to give ample opportunity for positive behavior reinforcement and use negative consequences less frequently.

I hope this is fairly easy to understand, but if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the office for clarification. The students at Pinnacle are very well behaved and we know that is a direct result of your parenting and support. Thank you again for everything you do to help all children be successful!  

Susan Sprinkle, Principal